On TinyTower & Gaming Addiction

What is Tiny Tower?

A free-to-play game on the Apple App Store (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) lets you build a tiny tower and manage the businesses and citizens (called bitizens) that inhabit it! Tiny Tower picked up a million downloads in four days.

Why Is It Successful?

It’s just another game that we know is lame yet still get addicted to; honestly I don’t know why I play it even when I know it is endless.

First of all, kudos to the super cute pixel art. The colours are vibrant, characters are randomly cute.
The updates on BitBook (facebook spoof) are stupidly hilarious.

Secondly, it is easy to earn bux, but also not too easy. These are used to mostly speed up the game, it is possible to earn them through random tasks, but is mostly based on chance. Because it is so hard to save up, it is tempting to pay to buy those bux if you aren’t patient enough.

Objectives of Game

Apparently, this is one of those games like GodFinger where there is no end to the game. In fact, it isn’t even clear what the objective of the game is.

  • Assign as many bitizens to their dream jobs as possible
  • Save enough bux to upgrade elevators
  • Build as many floors as possible

Why I Stopped

    • Shops have different restocking time, so basically every few minutes something is waiting to be clicked
    • As the number of shops increased, it took too long to restock
    • Gets dizzy when you scroll up and down the tower

It’s one of the best free to play games, god knows why it is so addictive… people know it is pointless yet they play it. At least I wasn’t one of those who paid real cash for bux.

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