Borrow eBooks From the Library with OverDrive App

Recently my friend introduced me OverDrive, an app to borrow library books.

I can’t believe nobody told me about it until only recently. As a frequent library user (I’m cheap like that) I always go home with a pile of books that end up on my desk. Sometimes they are bulky so I don’t get to bring them out, and end up untouched since I only usually read books during my commute and pre-bedtime.

OverDrive has changed my life. It’s totally a game-changer in my opinion.

No more heavy books in my bag, lesser backaches from now on 😛

What I really LOVE about it? You can download the book and assess it offline. Perfect.

You can use bookmarks. It even shows which page you stopped at.

There are tons to books to select from, the Search is so easy you can almost find whatever titles you want and actually get RELEVANT results. If the item you want is not available yet, add them to your reservation list so you can be notified when it’s avail! Yipee!

Try it – download OverDrive here. NLB has a tutorial on how to use the OverDrive app.

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