People are the Most Important In A Startup

Ever wondered why investors and VCs emphasise so much on the management team? Yes – the title already says it all. Because people are play the most crucial role in startups.

It is people that form the culture, brainstorm and come up with ideas, make decisions, perform the execution to make it work. Whether a company fails or succeeds.

Daniel & I have been approached several times with suggestions to collaborate. Based on what?
“You only have 2 in your team, I have 2 in mine. We’re too small on our own, therefore let’s combine forces.”

“Our skills complement each other. Look, you have a designer and developer. I’m a business development/sales guy. We should help each other out.” But it doesn’t work that way. Just because we are filling a gap doesn’t make us a good team. Our goals weren’t even aligned — his mindset was “whatever fetches me money”, but we insisted we wanted to build something we were truly passionate about. Now we really understood why it is even harder to find co-founders than finding an other half.  And, too, learnt to keep in mind that other people don’t necessarily have the best intentions for you, but always for themselves.


…Even in a company as an employee, the people in it matter. Having worked under encouraging bosses, as well as some less professional ones, I’d still choose to stick around with more positive people. My sister upon sharing that work environment was important to her, received such a reply: “You’re here to work, not make friends.” But I still insist it matters. In an office where we spend 8 hours every work day, colleagues are people we  interact most with daily (sadly).

The law of attraction reveals that what we send out to the universe is what is returned to us, and I find that especially true for me. I’m basically a mirror, I’ll be nice to whoever is nice to me, and even a little bit nicer. Be rude and I’ll repel, because I wont tolerate it. It’s not a perfect world, but let’s all try to be someone whom people want to hang around with. I’m not a very good example, but at least I never want to make people feel uncomfortable.

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