The People Who Made My 2013

Our time on Earth is short, so make it count.

At the end of the day, relationships with people are the only things that matter. Yet, they are the people who can change your life, for better or for worse. I remember my aunt telling me when I was younger, “I’m more afraid of people than I’m afraid of ghosts.” but it sorta makes sense now.

There will be some nice souls who light up your life, and there are dementors who will suck up all your energy because they just plain suck. (PUN INTENDED!) Anyhow, all these people who appear in your life exist to teach you a valuable lesson.

Friends of Amelia


You show me how you see the world with your different perspectives. Yes, thanks for always choosing to tell me the truth even when they hurt. Thanks for the night when we sat on the swing at Changi, when we both looked at the washed-out starless night sky but still managed to find beauty in that…

One of the biggest triggers of change came from you. You taught me how to love myself more.

I used to be so conscious about how people thought about me and my actions. Now, it doesn’t matter that much anymore. I’m done with trying to fit in. I’ve come to accept that people WILL talk about you, whether it’s something positive or negative, irregardless of whether what you’ve done is good or bad. There’s always something they’ll say and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

The good thing is: it doesn’t matter anyway.

Now whenever I make a decision, I still consider others but eventually go ahead with what I think is most right for me, because it’s my choice and I don’t have to answer to anyone.

“People who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

My biggest boss and mentor who has watched me grown a lot in the course of 1.5 years. I bawled my eyes out in front of you, you understood. I’ve gained the most soft skills from you by just watching the way you treat people with very high EQ. Most of the wisdom from this interview came from you: especially helping me understand my “Whys”.

You changed me more than you would ever know. Even if you’re that pen-pal from the other side of the world who does parkour too.

Your adventurous spirit and love for life is viral. My friends think I’m a little crazy but I know you’re the same! From you, I became that person who would try everything at least once. (oh, maybe except that time when I skipped the locust gorengs…) It’s rare to find someone whom I share so many values with. Not forgetting your warm sense of humour.

I love how you’re always very excitable about things. I don’t think I’ve met anyone more positive and cheerful than you, because you’re always smiling – even to the ones who do not treat you right. Which really made me go “WOW this girl is amazing” because you always choose to handle nasty situations in a positive matter. I will always salute you for your guts to ride your own bike and your days as a nurse for all the gory scenes you’ve had to witness.

You won’t know how relieving it feels meeting another old soul who’s just another year older than me. I love the fact that you are a filial daughter and have made plans for the future.

Dylan: Everyone will agree you’re the most generous friend they’ve ever had. I like how you always say Yes to my proposals with a “Let’s go!” even if everybody else may sometimes say “WTF” to.

It was one of my resolutions to meet different kinds of people but at the end of the day, I still find myself surrounded by friends I feel most comfortable with; my buddies who understand and embrace the oddball in me, and just be weird and laugh ourselves silly together and still love each other for that.

Huimin: Thanks for our spontaneous trip to Yogyakarta! Your relaxed attitude when we are on the road, willingness to explore anything and everything. That makes travelling simple. And for encouraging me to get started on my travel journal.

Joshua: Amazing host during Jakarta! 🙂 Very smart boy with many exciting plans next year.

It’s during tough times you find out who true friends are. Thank you Isaac & Weijia for reaching out in times of doubt and uncertainty to express concern and offer a helping hand, Winson for always remember smile,  Javian, You Loon for sticking around even at my worst. You’ve helped me in one way or another, by lending a listening ear, sending encouragements my way, reassuring me things will be OK and bad times will pass 🙂

And to other floaters who have come and gone… I’m sure I learned something from everyone of you. Thanks for the kindness and love I received over the year. Thanks for being a part of my 2013!

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