Rails for Girls Singapore

The founders of Rails Girls, Linda Liukas and Karri Saarinen, had wanted to demystify the world of web applications and encourage women to learn about software development. The inaugural event in Singapore was held on October 8, 2011 at SmartSpace, and I was happy to have been a small part of it!

(Pictures from Rails Girls’ Facebook)

 Notice how I was the only non-Mac user there… 🙁

We had already been told from the start that we shouldn’t be expected to become programmers after attending this half-day workshop. If programming had been that simple, there’d be no lack of programmers already. Ultimately, the point of it was to give newbies like us a sense of how programming was like.

Thankfully, there were many tutors walking around to provide assistance and explanations. Personally, there was too much information to be absorbed but I’m glad I did not leave the event learning nothing. If anything, it got me more curious and inspired to pick up programming.

It was a female-dominated event (I’m sure you know by now…) and meeting many other awesome, like-minded girls definitely made it very fun. Joyce also recently started a community Geek Girls intended to bring female entrepreneurs together. I’m looking forward to attending the next event soon, and may we see more females in the local entrepreneurship scene!

P.S. I’ve also signed for CodeYear on Codecademy and have been obediently keeping up with the lessons so far. I may not be able to write my own codes yet, but I’m so happy that I am slowly making progress.

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