Reasons Why I Want an iPad 3G

I am seriously considering an Apple iFad iPad. As you can tell I am no early adopter, it has been almost half a year since the launch of the tablet and I’ve found myself some reasons why I should get one.

Big Screen for Content Consumption

My Blackberry 9700 is hopeless when I need to search the internet – connection is slow and the screen is small. My daily commute to work takes up two hours of my day and I enjoy using this time to read. (but of course, I also have my sleepy days when I just doze of at the flip of a page)

Having an iPad would allow me to have access to articles when I am on the move. I can imagine a perfect Sunday at a cafe with an iPad already. Starbucks would be my regular spot because of this.

Sick of BB App World

I am really okay with my Blackberry for the fact that it is great for typing emails but the App World is really disappointing. Not much applications have been developed for users in SG, or at least when I search, I have trouble finding them. Featured apps are irrelevant, no app to check SGX stocks, need to pay to use Microsoft programs.

WhatsApp subscription is not a one-time payment but an annual fee of $1.99, compared to the iPhone which is $0.99 for a lifetime.

I can never exit my LinkedIn application, I’ve uninstalled this “” app but it IS STILL THERE and I can’t exit it either. Annoys me.

My Niece & Mom Wants My iPod Touch

Seriously. My eight year-old niece is addicted to the games and once even described to me she, in her dreams, owned an iPhone. but she’s only eight.
And my homemaker mom, is just amazed at its wonders. She wasn’t able to sleep well and bought a uMoment from OSIM; a machine that plays relaxing sounds and alarm can be set to turn it off. Turned out a few days later, I chanced upon a free app for that.
It would be more convenient and useful when she finally gets the intuitive user-interface.

Some Apps Require Internet Connection

My iPod Touch does not have 3G. Not all places have WiFi.

I Like the Size

Fits into my bag and it’s not heavy. Then you suggest a MacBook Air (MBA)? Not looking at another laptop.

But I Kinda Want a Camera…

Only thing I’m jealous what my iPod Touch couldn’t do. I find it pointless to upgrade to the new generation when I’m already considering an iPad… but I admit, an iPad would make a really bulky ‘camera’.

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