Sims 3 Social is Fastest Growing Game on Facebook

The Sims Social is now the fastest growing game on Facebook, surpassing Farmville; according to Mashable.

Sims 3 Social

I’ve always been a big fan of The Sims – in fact when it launched The Sims 3 in June 2009 I upgraded my laptop so  I could satisfy the specifications required for gameplay.  When the Facebook app Sims Social first launched its open beta about two weeks ago, I only had 3 friends playing it. I decided I’d block it for a while since it required many friend interactions to unlock more features to proceed; and since I had only 3 friends  active I abandoned it for a while.

Yesterday, I logged back on and now I have at least 35 new friends who are playing it. How did it grow so fast? I realised it was the sharing feature was why I stopped playing but it was also what led to the success of the game. Afterall, it is Sims SOCIAL, right.

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