LoHei At the Top of Singapore

Another new year on the lunar calendar… another year older T_T (but that’s not the point)
My zodiac reading for 2011 wasn’t too good, so blessing myself at the Singapore Flyer‘s Signature Auspicious Trail would promise me all the right Chi (cohesive flow of energy) that I need to prosper for this Year of the Rabbit!

To be honest I was really anticipating this, considering it is my first time on the Flyer at night 🙂 The view was fantastic – I looooove city lights, and we can spot Changi Airport, Sentosa Island and even a pinch of Malaysia and Indonesia.

It was a pity I only had camera on my Blackberry and iPod Touch… Thanks to Instagram, the pictures look slightly more artsy.

Check out the realtime updates and more pictures on #SGFlyerCNY from other bloggers like @williswee, @ngjuann, @GoshPrincess and @felizaong (Assure you they have better pictures!)

So here we go!

City Singapore Lights

Lohei-ing at the top of the city – 165metres above ground; where the Heaven Chi is the strongest, it is believed that making a wish then would be more likely to come true. The feeling was definitely very unique compared to all my previous lo-heis in crowded restaurants with a lot of other tables taking turns to shout all the auspicious wishes, whereas this time I got to enjoy the breathtaking view as I had my food!

This image from @CalvinTimo really makes me hungry!

As we reached the ground again, it was time for some Earth Chi at the wishing well.
Here’s @smithankyou aiming to sound the Lucky Gong with his lucky coin to improve his Human Chi. With triple blessings of Chi, he is guaranteed to hop into the Year of the Rabbit with prosperity, wealth and happiness now. 🙂

If anyone is interested in the package to welcoming a great new year, check this link out.
Read more about this experience from other bloggers such as @CalvinTimo.

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