My First Trampoline Class at Bbounce

Trampoline parks used to be the in-thing in Singapore a while back. Now I think trampoline classes are going to be the next hottest fitness classes everyone should attend 🙂 Finally, adults get to play like kids!

Bbounce (pronounced as “B-BOUNCE”) Studio is Singapore’s first fitness studio that offers a range of comprehensive strength and cardio workouts on mini trampolines (also referred to as rebounders).

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to attend Bbounce’s signature Hybrid Rebounding™ class which incorporates mini trampolines with resistance bands, weights and strength training. My instructor, Joel Tan, guaranteed us a dynamic workout that will burn 1,000 calories and make us go home with wobbly legs.

Bbounce Studio at Centrepoint #06-09
singapore trampoline
Image Credit: Bbounce Facebook
A peek of iBounce rebounders from the glass window~

Before class, we were asked to place our bags in lockers provided. There’s also shower facilities, so if you would like to clean up after class you can. 🙂 I was also impressed that they offered me a towel because I forgot to bring mine!

Once we got into the class, we started jumping on the mini trampolines to warm up. Rebounding is supposed to be gentle on the joints, so it should be better than running. We were frequently reminded to keep our legs bent and back leaning forward.

Jumping on a trampoline is great cardiovascular workout for anyone — benefits include increasing the density of bones, reducing the risk of arthritis and improving motor skills and bilateral functions of the brain. It may seem effortless jumping on a trampoline  but trust me — I was breathless after 3 songs non-stop. (Also, did I mention their playlist are 80’s hits? Laughed so hard when “Square Rooms” started playing…)

Watch rebounding in action here.

Bbounce Studio is located at Centrepoint Orchard #06-09 Singapore. You can find more information on Bbounce’s website.

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