Singapore’s 7th President, Dr Tony Tan, Won by 7269 Votes

So Dr Tony Tan is Singapore’s elected 7th President. He has won by a 0.34% margin, or 7,269 votes, against Dr Tan Cheng Bock. It was an exciting neck and neck fight and a re-count was held at about 1am when the votes were tallied. At 4.25am, the Elections Department confirmed that Dr Tony Tan had won, this time by 7,269 votes.

2011 Singapore Presidential Election results:

Tony Tan: 744,397 (35.19%)
Tan Cheng Bock: 737,128 (34.85%)
Tan Jee Say: 529,732 (25.04%)
Tan Kin Lian: 103,931 (4.91%)
Total valid votes: 2,115,188
Rejected votes: 37,826

The reports on Channel News Asia started live telecasting at 10pm. During the whole time, they were repeating sentences from the interviews over and over again. The results were also unconfirmed for few hours and they had chosen to review sentiments from Twitter to hear what Singaporeans had to share, and it was funny to see how they received feedback from a citizen questioning about their lack of content substance.

Within the first hour, Tan Kin Lian conceded defeat after realizing he had less than 5% of the votes in the voting centres he visited. His deposit of 48k may not be retrieved; on top of that he also spent 60-70k on his campaign.

Today, The Sunday Times reveal features of enthusiastic foreigners who have just received their citizenship having a right to vote. In this story, the Chengdu-born citizen had voted for Dr Tony Tan because she sees the elected president as a unifying figure for all Singaporeans.

In this election, it is a pity as the 37k votes that had been rejected could have really made a difference – those citizens may have not known who to vote for, had no stand, or were purely unconvinced that their votes would not be tracked.

There are some unsatisfied, pro-TCB keyboard warriors who blame other supporters for splitting the votes making this such a tight competition, but we live in a democratic society and everyone has a right to select who they want and there is no reason to particularly pin-point why voters had wasted their votes on other two candidates who had lesser chances of winning. There is definitely no point in debating who should have won since the results are confirmed now, Yam Ah Mee declares the local votes would be conclusive. As much as these citizens are disappointed and emotional, they should stop playing the blame game, act as graciously as TCB to accept the final results and move on.

At the end of the day, there is not much room for debate since we as Singaporeans have been empowered with the ability to choose our president. One highlight of this election was that 64.82% got a president that they did not vote for. #AnyoneButTonyTan was a trend on Twitter.

Prior to the election, someone had summarised and organised the profiles of the candidates into a nice document on Scribd.

Take the below content light-heartedly

Here’s a random, catchy video by a TCB supporter. I personally did not resonate with this video since it was in Teochew, but this received some views online for its catchy phrases like… “Tan Tan Tan, Tan simi!?”

Credits to Sharon Neo for spoofing a popular hit “Like a G6

Disclaimer: I am not pro or against any candidate in particular. IMHO, there is no best candidate for president as we will never be able to find out how well each candidate would have performed.

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