Social Media for Mobile Food Trucks [VIDEO]

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foodtruckThe mobile food industry has been booming in urban cities like New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles.
In New York City, Vendy Awards are held annually to commend the best street food vendor!

Knowing how tech-savvy people these days are, it is not shocking to know that people would search for food online. Mashable shares a video on how such food truck businesses are using social media to reach their customers. This is a creative marketing strategy as they receive attention by announcing their location and people actually would go to find them.

In the video, BistroTruck shares that activities from social media make up 15% of its sales.
What if they had invested in a mobile app?

Looks like even Taco Bell has gotten on the bandwagon by offering a new channel for its business. Can we be expecting other similar food stores to do the same?

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