Social Media Usage Takes Up 1/4 of Time Spent Online

This article was first published on Penn Olson on 17.08.2010

The first thing you get online, what is the thing you would do? Is it signing in to Facebook or Twitter to check for new notifications, get to your game to collect rewards, or clear your mailbox?

It is not surprising what activities make up the top three: social networking, online games and e-mail. Compared to last year, the usage of such platforms have increased significantly.

Statistics from Nielson revealed that social media network usage has increased by 43 percent – from 15.8% in 2009 to 22.7% in 2010.

Time spent online Nielson

Some other findings include:

  • Online games overtook personal email to become the second most heavily used activity behind social networks.
  • Email dropped from 11.5 percent of time to 8.3 percent.
  • June 2010 was a major milestone for U.S. online video as the number of videos streamed passed the 10 billion mark. The average American consumer streaming online video spent 3 hours 15 minutes doing so during the month.

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From this, we can tell social media is not dying down – not anytime soon, at least. It is changing the way people communicate; companies could learn from this information to better craft communication messages and it could be an invaluable asset as time passes.

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