Startup Weekend Singapore 2

The event has been summarised by Eugene on Microsoft’s blog on innovation at

The tagline of the event is No Talk, All Action. And we did just that. Looking back, it was definitely safer to stick to the Pareto rule, where we should have been planning  80% of the time and 20% on execution.

The team formed. We had 2 programmers, 1 aerospace student, 1 marketing analytics guy, 1 public speaker, and me, the designer. I must admit it was one of the more interesting combinations. The project we decided on was A cross between Quora and Khan Academy to help peer-to-peer learning connect, collaborate and co-create tailored learning programs using crowdsourcing, expert content and self-generated content.  The world is ready for this because learning is personal, information is over flowing and we facilitate topic specific interactive curriculum.

Inspired by Khan Academy – a man who taught all the subjects himself. Our project aims to allow more users to be inspired to pass on their knowledge to others, and for learners, have an enjoyable experience by compiling their own playlists of lessons. Reason? People have different learning styles – you absorb differently from different messages.

Here’s what the other groups did:

Dial Zero is developing an automated system to call on your behalf to help you talk to a customer service representative on the phone without wasting time waiting on hold using a bot to deal with a machine.  The world is ready for this because it is frustrating waiting on the phone.

Flocations is a travel discovery service to help backpackers; weekend worriers, lazy bums and escapists help find a destination and get there, using a visual map of destinations.  The world is ready for this because there is a growing passion for off the beaten path travel.

First Sight is a location based dating service to help lonely hearts ………

Tresselier is an online booking and review platform for hairstylists and their clients to help struggling hairstylist showcase their portfolio and track their client appointments. It also helps a frustrated client find her ideal hairstylist through comprehensive social review, using a secret sauce of match making clients specific need with stylists expertise.  The world is ready for this because women are demanding personalized options to quench their vanity.

Sliders SG is a group event service to help 20-30 year old young professionals working in Singapore help find ways to organize to large events in a fun, easy way.  ”Next Thursday will be big.”



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