TED: Nancy Duarte on the Uncommon Structure for Great Communication

Power of storytelling

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Stories go like this: You have a likeable hero who has a desire, encounters roadblocks, and ultimately emerges transformed. Exposition, (rising action) climax, (falling action) denouement.

So Nancy took the shape of her ‘framework’ to overlay on 2 great communicators of all time: Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King and here it is:

Nancy Duarte

– Make the status quo unappealing. Draw them towards ‘what it could be’ in the future with your idea adopted.

– End with a call to action. Describe the ‘ideal’ world as a new bliss… in a poetic, dramatic way.

– Marvel at the product.  “Isn’t it beautiful?” Compel audience to feel a certain way. (*here’s the new phone.. here’s the sucky competitors*)

Visuals are important

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