TED Talk Takeaway: Jenna McCarthy: What you don’t know about marriage

The speaker is so humourous… Loved the video.┬áResearchers have spent many years trying to figure out the secret sauce to lasting relationships, and here are some insights:

1. The wife is thinner and better-looking than the husband.

It that obvious? Women care a big deal about being thin and good looking; whereas men mostly care about sex. Ideally, with women thinner and better-looking. (Instead of laborious dieting and exercising, we could just wait for them to get fat. Maybe bake a few pies! This is good information to have and really not that complicated)

2. The happier couple focused on the positive.

The more willing the husband is willing to do housework, the more attractive the wife will find him.

The more attractive she finds him, the more sex they have. The more sex they have, the nicer he is to her. The nicer he is to her, the less she nags about him leaving towels on the bed. And ultimately, they live happily after.

3. People who smile in childhood photographs are less likely to get a divorce. (actual study)

The researchers were not looking at documented self-reports of childhood happiness, or even studying old journals. It was based on studying whether people LOOKED happy in those pictures.

4. Do not win Best Actress award. It is the marriage kiss of death.
Merely watching a romantic comedy causes romantic satisfaction to plummet.

5. Drinking alcohol.

6. Divorce is contagious.
When you have a close couple splitting up, it increases your chances of getting divorce by 75%.

Benefits of Marriage:
Healthier physically and emotionally
Produce more happier, more stable and successful kids
Supposedly have more sex
Live longer

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