Thanks for the 2013

It’s not easy for me to summarise the 365 days of 2013. It feels like time went by too fast, yet so many things happened! All these moments were crucial in teaching me many valuable lessons and sweeties who shaped my 2013, and helped me understand myself better. It’s easy to label it “a bad year”, but it’s still nevertheless a gift and there’s beauty and growth to be found in these events. (good thing, I hope!)

finally thinking for myself

Exactly this day one year ago, I forcefully ended a relationship I felt was no longer suitable for me. I broke up with my former fiancé. We had planned to get married on 1 Mar 14. Breaking up was one of the hardest decisions to make, but I won’t dramatize anything here. In fact, it was easier to keep things status quo, because I feared how life would be so different with newly set goals and direction.

But I will never regret anything from the 4.5 years of good and bad times. It was really touching to know that as soon as he started working, he saved as much as he could from work to get a ring… didn’t matter how many carat it was. I could only say thank you.

Right now, I’m genuinely happy to know that somebody new has occupied the place I used to be 🙂

So 2013 became a year of exploration and I was really looking forward to it. But shit happens. Life kind of knocked me down a few times, but that’s just the way it is. In response, by “being human” – I experienced all types of feelings on this thing we call…

the “emotional rollercoaster”

The hopefulness when you think you are #WINNING but actually not so.

The inevitable feeling of disappointment that came along with self-inflicted heartbreaks.

The hurt and having to deal with rejection.

Feeling despondent, at the same time terrified about the bleak future ahead.

The frustration of not knowing what another party expects.

The helplessness when nobody to turn to for practical advice.

I survived all of it. Yet, it was also a year I cried the least. I think I’ve become much stronger. My “Unstoppable, Unbreakable” WhatsApp status is becoming more true… + my pendant of an anchor that I gifted myself that signifies stability and reliability.

new places, new perspectives

Collecting new experiences and seeing new things was made a priority. I planned to explore 3 new places I’ve never been to, ended up going to 5! Manila, Jakarta, Bandung, Phuket. Yogyarkarta is my favourite.


being happy with less

It was a year when I had very little, and I realised how little I needed. I’m just very grateful for the things I had. When You Loon and I were in the bookstore, we stumbled upon a book titled “The Minimalists” and it’s the second book that changed me. The first was “The Law of Attraction”. 🙂

As we already know, the best things in life are really free.
It’s not about how much alcohol I managed to drink, or how many items I bought from shopping. For me at least, the moments I recall for 2013 that are most precious to me were beautiful sunset skies and nice views, doings things together as a family, receiving undivided attention, having heart-to-heart talks about what’s on our minds.

out of my comfort zone

I was made to make a decision in my career to take a leap of faith. Chun had warned me of the “dangers” ahead but hell, no one told me it’d be this hard. How

“If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing.”

It was a steep learning curve.

Resurfaced acquaintances from the past may not think this is the “real me” but let me assure you – there’s no real me. Time changes things, and people too.

do or do not

Stepped into the kitchen more to make my own creations – protein pancakes, rilakkuma + panda sushi, chocolate soy beancurd and some cute but inedible cupcakes. Danced along to PSY’s Gangnam Style & Gentleman at StarCount! Sat on a jeep headed to Mt Merapi! Sweat like crazy in a bajaj.. and tried many interesting Indonesian cuisine. Finally visited Bukit Timah Hill.

I kept my mind open to new things and had many “Firsts” in activities such as vertical caving, Zumba, anti-gravity yoga, golf, pole dance, K-pop dance, parkour, and attending many more fun classes at Virgin Gym! I’m still not successful in becoming a dedicated gym rat. I guess I still don’t love running that much.

In 2014, I hope to be (even more) independent. Make (even more) time for exercise. Travel alone. Commit to learn Cantonese well. Welcome 2015 in a new place.

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