The Last Lecture

Glad to have interested other people with “The Happiness Project“.

I just finished another book called “The Last Lecture” (I seem to like such books, don’t I) and about this professor Randy Pausch who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was asked to give a last lecture. And again I’ve been inspired. I started to think about what I would teach other people if I could have my own “last lecture”… What would I write and tell others about my story? Are there any specific happenings that changed my life, and would the most interesting stories come from the least significant events? What’s my biggest regret in life? Should I even have any?

An interesting thought he shared… he’s thankful he could anticipate his death so he has time to say goodbye (compared to the sudden ones). This book isn’t about him dying, but about living. It’s also not really written for us though, but for his kids who will grow up to read and learn about the father they had.

Watch the hour long video on Youtube:

Think about your last lecture… what would you share?

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