The Pressure To Know Everything

Isn’t it interesting how an Indian can disguise and nobody really can really tell? Watch the video to find out how the cast at MinistryOfFunny managed to pull off a prank, disguising an Indian as a next K-Pop sensation under the name “Hyu Man” (Human), gathering some security guards and a group of fake, screaming fan girls to trail behind him and some well-prepared posters to go along with it.

While it was funny to watch, it was also very scary that the public could manipulated so easily. There were queues to take pictures with this “famous K-pop star” even though they have never, ever heard of him. Some said they have heard or watched the non-existent song and music video. To me, they were lying, pretending to know something that they clearly do not.

Why are we so afraid to admit we do not know? Is it the fear of appearing ignorant?
Are we afraid of being judged? Or feeling stupid? Is it the FOMO and not being in the know? Or the thought of being left behind?

It is rather disturbing. Yes, we do not know what we do not know. But it’s not that bad to admit that we do not know everything. When we can acknowledge that there is a knowledge gap, we can then take steps to close that gap.

Instead of saying “Oh, ya, ya, I have heard it. It’s actually really good. I like it! I like Hyu Man!”

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