Things To Know About StumbleUpon [INFOGRAPHIC]

This article was first published on Penn Olson.

social-bookmarkingSocial bookmarking is great as it allows users of the Internet to organize, store and search for resources online. The best thing I love about it is how I can access it wherever I go – which is so much better than adding links to ‘Favourites’ and saving it on the computer!

Since the launch of shortening service packed with cool features in March 2009, StumbleUpon has grown tremendously. BlueGlass shares some interesting facts about StumbleUpon that you probably did not know about:

  • Stumbleupon ranks #2 in the world, just one spot behind Facebook
  • StumbleUpon

The next time when you are crafting your marketing strategy, why not think of how you could use StumbleUpon first before considering Facebook or Twitter?

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