Thoughts on Facebook Places (after a month)

After a month the highly anticipated Facebook Places has been launched, I can count the number of times I’ve logged in with my fingers; and it’s about less than 5 times.

What’s stopping me? Even though the friends on my account are people I know, there’s no reason for me to report my location¬†to 500 people. Perhaps Facebook is on its way to developing the mobile function to filter check-ins so only certain friends you allow will be able to see the check-ins, but I’m definitely not comfortable to let all my friends know where I am.

It’s a different ball game from Foursquare – which is another location-based service more friendly towards businesses which I’ve talked about on Squidoo.

Facebook lets you update your friends without any incentives, but on Foursquare, people are motivated to check-in because they can know about promotions and deals and perhaps special treats if they are the mayor. And particularly on tips and reviews about the location, which I sometimes find useful in preparing myself of things to expect. I also know the crowded places nearby when it becomes a ‘trending’ location so I know to avoid the place.

It would not be surprising to know though, if ¬†Facebook holds more market share in the location-based service because afterall, they have 600 million users in their network already. but I’d still stick to Foursquare for now.

Looking forward to Facebook Deals more. *reveals shopaholic face*

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