Wave Goodbye to Google Wave

Last year, Google launched Google Wave in an attempt to re-invent e-mail.

On 4th August 2010, the team at Google have made a decision to drop the development of Google Wave as a standalone product and the site will be maintained through the end of the year.

Some pundits were taken by surprise, but there is a lesson to be learnt from this decision: Keep calm and move on.

Even though Google Wave did not receive the adoption as intended, it was a breakthrough in technology. In my opinion it was the most innovative collaborative tool; my favourite features being live type, the ability to drag-and-drop files from the desktop, and playback of revisions —all taking place within a browser real time.

To discontinue Wave was definitely a tough decision to make; but I trust Google has made a right one.
There are times even when a big company launches a product and then find out there is no market for it.

“Wave has taught us a lot, and we are proud of the team for the ways in which they have pushed the boundaries of computer science,” Hölzle concluded.

Kudos for sharing the development codes, making them available as open source.

What is important is learning to move on and taking on opportunities to bring the company to greater heights. On the same day, Slide, the top Facebook apps maker, was acquired for $228 million and it looks like we can expect Slide to be a big part of Google Game when it is launched later in the year.

Source: Google’s blog, BusinessInsider

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