What Entrepreneurship Is Not

If you think entrepreneurship is like a bed of roses, think again. All the misconceptions commonly thought need to be clarified.

We’ve been taught in school to make great employees. It was a pity my schools never taught me entrepreneurship, and never really exposed me to this option. Then again, I’ve noticed some friends taking that as a minor in school so perhaps the scene is changing.

I don’t consider myself as an entrepreneur yet. If you don’t know by now, the project I’m working on is Dealzilla, where consumers can easily find a comprehensive list of deals and coupons available in the country.

Entrepreneurship Not AKA Rich Boss

I hate it when people go, “Wah, lady boss, making big money already eh?

Look – firstly, I barely started working on it. Second, I’m not paying myself yet. I don’t blame them for not understanding especially since they have no idea how the process would be like… but I feel that more people need to understand that projects don’t always work out 100% of the time. Right now, I neither have a six-figure income, nor work from home for only an hour a day. That is not what it is, at least not yet. 🙂

Entrepreneurship Not Equals to Free Time

People think that by being unemployed, I would have a lot of free time. However, I think I need to work harder now that I, along with my partner, are the only ones driving the product. If I’m unable to work for whatever reason, I do not have a team of other colleagues who can help me out. During my rest time or on the weekends, I can’t help but think of new tasks I need to complete, but honestly, there’s always something to improve on and best is never the best.

It’s Not Easy

Apple started in 1976. Who knew about Steve Jobs then? He took many decades to build the Apple that it is today. Okay, I may be overly ambitious by using that example, but my point is, things also take time. Results are not instantaneous. Rome wasn’t built overnight.

If I didn’t know what to do, or what my next steps was, I did not have a boss to approach. Some say it is the lack of experience, hence the ignorance, but you learn along the way.

It’s also super easy to give up. When things go wrong, when people put you down, or a friend stabs you in the back by deliberately joining in the competition, you can choose to cry and get over it, or put an end to all these misery and find a job instead (which is perhaps, a different type of misery).

If not now, then when?

There’s always no best time to start your own thing, I figured.

I chose to try now, because I decided I currently have lesser liabilities than I would have five years later when I will be saving up for a house or marriage. I may not have the experience, but I have much lesser to lose. Afterall, I’m learning as I get my hands dirty with the project. The valuable experience and exciting journey comes along as a bonus.

My boyfriend, however, disagrees with me. In his opinion, gaining work experience is the most important thing. Learn what you can, earn as much as possible, then use apply the learnings to do what you want.

I’m keen to listen to what you’ve got to say – what is your take on entrepreneurship?

2 Comments on “What Entrepreneurship Is Not

  1. Hey Amelia! Great blog. And yes, I agree with you that entrepreneurship is not alot of things.

    I set up my own blogshop late last year and I am everything roll into one. Even after I quit my job, I spent days doing everything from production, photography, copy writing, marketing, sourcing, purchasing, etc. The cycle never ends. And I had the exact same idea about what entrepreneurship is and hit quite a few snag along the way and went downhill quite a fair bit.

    Anyways, I am back to work again, but this time, I am taking short term projects, so that I can also finance my business and hopefully, it will turn around to finance itself. Crazy yes, but I think it’s worth it. Now, with the lack of time, I am more conscious to do things rather than having so much time and not making use of it.

    I wish you every success in LoveByte and I am always ready to work with you when the time is right.


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