The Importance of Insurance

I caught up with my old buddy Jackie to review my insurance policies and get recommendations…. after watching this video.

We should never take anything for granted. Or believe that everything is “within our control” because many things just are not. Nobody really wants to die. Just look at this freak accident – e.g. getting electrocuted while having a shower. If you need to know how a single instant can change your entire life, watch this trailer from “If I Stay“.

I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard.
Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.

Jackie on the left. Always been so fair, slim and gorgeous. *openly envious*

As we ended the conversation, I casually asked if her good looks help her in getting more sales… her response totally made me burst in laughter. Got to love this girl!

If good looks played a part in sales, i would have been the TOP sales person of the year by now ok? ~Jackie

I am a believer of insurance. She can also share her personal reason for her career choice. Hereby I highly urge all of you, my dear friends, to get at least the most basic coverage which would be the hospitalization or life insurance plans, unless you think you have too much cash in your pocket (which if you do, you should consider sharing some with me)… Medical bills can wipe out your entire lifetime of savings if you do not have insurance coverage. I have friends who have personally experienced this. Or watch the first video (at the top) again. If you are willing to spend $7 on Starbucks or $20 every weekend cafe-hopping, what is $100+ per month for some reassurance?

Don’t give excuses like “i no money/time” – let me help you set up a meeting with Jackie, allow her to analyze your situation and recommend the most suitable package for you based on your financial capability, your existing coverage and needs. Do me a favour, if you care about your this one try in life, get yourselves (and your family members) protected because you only live once and once is enough… #YOLO

At the same time, please support my friend in her journey to become top sales based on her capabilities not good looks 😛

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