Will taxi sharing work in Singapore?

Last year during Startup Weekend 2, someone had pitched the idea to share taxis to save money. Thinking about it, this is a super common problem yet there’s still no one popular service that is used. Daniel and I had wanted to work on the idea, just for fun, but the team was not formed in the end as two of us were the only ones who expressed interest -_- Interestingly it was also that night when the event ended late, and people were still mingling around trying to form teams even up till midnight… we thought to ourselves, ‘how nice if we already have the app now’!

Then Jason coded a simple, workable version overnight. (amazing!) We decided to call it Carki. So here it is…

But we never launched. There were many, many problems to solve. Yes, the critical mass is definitely the biggest hurdle. Many other problems that came appearing on our minds.  What if other sharer does a no-show? How to contact each other without revealing mobile numbers?  Hilarious ones include… what if the person sharing the cab with me is a creep? Would I dare to share cabs again?

We researched and there were existing services online, but seriously who has heard of them? Carpool King? Cab Corner? Tompang Buddy? And afterall it was meant to be a just-for-fun project so we didn’t pursue further. It’s not like we’re PASSIONATE about taking cabs. (haha)

Months after we abandoned this, we’re still seeing startups trying to solve this problem. Which is good… because I think there’s no big player yet. Split-It is supposed to be launched end June but the website still says  ‘soon on the app store’. I just discovered ShareTransport.sg… Then GoMyWay has just launched, and I think it’d be really interesting to see how things take off! I’m one of the poorer kids who always takes the bus/train so if this app takes off, I may just give it a try. 🙂

What say you? Are Singaporeans willing to share cab with strangers to save money?

3 Comments on “Will taxi sharing work in Singapore?

  1. If I know how the stranger looks like..

    Definitely yes if sharing with you. But I would think twice if sharing with Daniel 🙂

  2. I am working in an investment company and interested in the idea of taxi sharing in Singapore. Seems your friend Jason is very talented in programming. Any chance you can connect me to him? Thanks.

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